Advertising Opportunities

Millionaireasia magazine currently publishes four localised editions covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. We have a combined circulation of 20,000 and a readership of 80,000 of the richest people in Asia.


  • Chairmen, owners, founders, CEOs of top companies
  • Entrepreneurs who own privately-owned companies (with a minimum annual turnover of USD3 million)
  • Top professionals (Medical specialists, lawyers, architects, accountants, etc.)
  • Private Banking clients
  • Children from wealthy families who acquired wealth through inheritance
  • Top individuals in government and diplomatic services


  • We connect you to the largest database of millionaires in Asia
  • We deliver measurable results for our advertisers via our call-to-action programmes
  • We provide in-depth editorial coverage for our esteemed partners
  • We enable you to reach millionaires through our private event

Download our Media Kit and Editorial Forecast to learn more.

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