Modelling Audition for The Fashion And Beyond Festival

Millionaireasia has partnered up with The Fashion And Beyond (FAB) to provide participants of MsMA 2023 Competition with the opportunity to be involved in FAB’s Festival in Singapore from 3 to 9 July 2023.

Founded in 2022, FAB is dedicated to fostering the growth of emerging fashion talent. Their platform is designed to create a supportive ecosystem for models, photographers, videographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and anyone else related to the fashion industry.

FAB welcomes individuals at all skill levels who seek to explore, learn, and experience the fashion industry. Their ecosystem is designed to provide the right exposure and opportunities to help you thrive. Through research, advocacy, development, encouragement, innovation, and their international network, FAB creates an enabling ecosystem that provides access to global platforms and drives positive social impact.

The Fashion and Beyond Festival is a week-long celebration of fashion, creativity, and diversity. The schedule is packed with activities, including model casting sessions, rehearsals, designer collection showcases, and the Asia Model Festival FACE of SINGAPORE Finals. The event also provides an opportunity for networking and building connections with attendees from around the world. The week culminates in a spectacular after-party to celebrate the event’s success.

Participants who are keen on enhancing their modelling and fashion design portfolio and career prospects are invited to apply.


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