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The inaugural MsMA 2023 Web3.0 Influencer Competition invites women of ages 18 and above (unless otherwise approved by MA), to take up the challenge of becoming the icon for Empowering Women. Seize this ground-breaking opportunity to be mentored by renowned entrepreneurs to be the Champion, and to be presented with the unrivalled winning prize worth S$1 million.

Empowering women is one belief that is deeply rooted and shaped by Peter Tan’s late mother. When he was appointed as the CEO (Asia Pacific) at Millionaireasia, he noted that more than 80% of the 40,000-strong database were male. He feels that there is a need to raise awareness of women’s achievements and contribution by promoting more success stories of accomplished women in Asia. Tan is taking his passion for empowering women up a notch by launching MsMA 2023.

MsMA 2023

MsMA 2023, which stands for Ms Millionaireasia, is inspired by the theme: “Women for Women” and the Slogan “Asians for Asia”. MsMA 2023 aims to empower women to be role models in Asia for Asians. Through this competition, participants will advocate the movement, through the promotion of branding their Personality, campaigning an Idea and propagating the Value. She shall be coached by reputable mentor(s) during the final stage, and enable her Personality to drive her Idea to create Value and emerge as the Champion. MsMA2023 is not a beauty pageant and there shall be no judge in this competition.

The pursuit of MsMA 2023 is to publicise, recognise, groom and empower female superstars across Asia. It is a competition based on her ability to promote the theme of the competition with her passion, through the engagement and support of her families, friends and followers (FFFs). The winner is awarded solely based on the highest number of votes achieved.


This is the competition for the finest lady of Asia, and in Millionaireasia’s proposition, the winner deserves the honour of being a millionaire. By becoming the Champion, Millionaireasia wants to empower her with S$1 million worth of prizes to be a millionaire!


In the Web3.0 environment, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) represents a digital asset that is desirable (so that it remains valuable in the secondary market) and has after-life (so that the buyer can continue to benefit from the NFT). The various free NFTs given to purchasers of the videos in this competition are designed to create value for the NFT owners and income for the contestants. The Web3.0 competition does not, at any time, imply that contestants must have knowledge of Web3.0 or NFT, in order to have a competitive edge. What it encompasses is that the competition embraces Web 3.0 technology by the gifting of NFTs with each sale of a video. This ensures that all votes are logged into the open ledger on blockchain when determining the Champion and winners.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, an influencer refers to one who exerts influence; a person who inspires or guides the actions of others. Wondering whether you can participate in MsMA 2023 even though you are not a social media influencer? The answer is an obvious “Yes”. There is no fixed definition of who an influencer is, for this competition. Ladies who believe they possess influential power should participate in the competition to empower women, validate their capabilities and excel over other contestants, to become the Champion.

Contestants can be influential leaders in social and new media, business, sales, social associations and clubs, councils, focused groups and movements, in the fields of faith or philanthropy and etc. They exert their influence during meetings, conferences, networking, roadshows, public speaking including social media. Web3.0 influencers are distinctively differentiated from social media influencers. The former is measured by her ability to garner votes through the promotion of her Personality, Idea and Value videos. Conversely, the latter is generally rated by the number of followers, likes, engagements and perhaps impressions.


In the world of social media, many people may not know the true identity of the person they chat with. The FoMo membership platform, accessible to the contestants and their supporters, is probably the only social chat community that verifies the identities of its members, and where profile photos are substantiated. The FoMo membership platform will empower women by providing them with opportunities to chat, learn, share and grow within a safe and transparent environment.

Members will be categorised under Diamond (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, UHNWIs), Titanium (High Net Worth Individuals, HNWIs), Platinum, Silver and Standard. Corporate members may request the platform to invite members to their events or for the platform to organise an event for them. Members will be invited to attend these events and parties to socialise, interact and network with UHNWIs and HNWIs.


There are several possible motivations for the contestants, besides the $1 million prize, to participate in MsMA 2023. Women who feel strongly about a cause or have an idea to advocate will be able to voice their thoughts and share their feelings, through the competition, in Asia. They will be able to empower other women by creating a movement and community, tapping on the FoMo platform to access Millionaireasia’s wide network. As it is always said, “your network is your net worth”. In addition, contestants are able to pitch their Personality, Idea and Value videos to prominent personalities, successful businessmen and businesswomen, through Millionaireasia’s platform. They will be coached by experienced entrepreneurs to crystallize their thoughts to gain greater acceptance in Asia. In addition, the Finalists will be able to live a millionaire’s lifestyle for a week, including super car, luxury cruise, Michelin-star dining and private jet experiences.


To publicise the competition and create maximum buzz, Millionaireasia has in place the Introducer scheme, creating an ideal passive income. The scheme invites individuals (including contestants themselves) and companies to be introducers (to invite their FFFs to sign up for the competition). The arrangement will create a network which amplifies the number of reach and impressions for the sponsors and contestants, to be visible to millions of people across Asia.

All contestants and voters are given a unique link to invite their female friends to sign up for this competition. For any introduced contestant who takes part in the competition by clicking the link, the introducer will receive 10% commission from her successful sign-up (application has to be accepted by Millionaireasia for her to be a contestant in the Quarter Final) and all personality videos sold by her during the Quarter Final of the competition. Referrers of introducers who introduce contestants will receive an overriding commission of 50% over the introducer’s commission.


Wait no more ‒ simply fill up and submit the application between 14 February and 21 May 2023, together with a payment of Singapore Dollar $100 (waived for the first 1,000 participants) for registration. Subsequently, you are required to verify your identity by the platform, submit your profile photo and a 1-minute Personality video, to begin your women empowerment journey with us. Successful contestants will be informed of their entry to the competition and their enrolment int0 the FoMo Silver membership. Contestants will also receive their personal code (for introducing participants) and will be able to start promoting their Personality video to their FFFs.


The contestants are required to promote their Personality, Idea and Value videos. Each video is marketed at S$10, S$20 & S$30, at each stage of the competition respectively, to their FFFs. Each sale of the video represents a vote. In the event of a tie, the contestant who gets the highest number of votes among them, at the earliest time, shall prevail. Voters can purchase as many videos from different contestants as they want.


The Quarter Final, from 15 March to 21 Jun 2023, is the stage for promoting their Personality branding to their FFFs through a 1-minute video.  Contestants will receive 20% commission for the sales of their Personality videos. The voters who purchase their Personality video will be given a free Personality NFT and FoMo Silver membership NFT. The contestants and voters are entitled to take part in the lucky draw prize of Singapore Dollar $100,000 on @12pm on 23 June 2023. The results will be published on the website within 24 hours. In addition, all the contestants may be given the opportunity to cast in the MsMA 2023 movies.

To qualify for the Semi Final, the contestant must have at least 1,000 votes in the Quarter Final. Once the contestant has achieved it, MA will send an email for her to upload her profile photo & a 2-minute video to the platform to prepare for the Semi Final by 22 June 2023.


The Semi Final, from 24 June to 9 Aug 2023, is the stage for campaigning their Idea and advocating EMPOWERING WOMEN to their FFFs through a 2-minute Idea video. The voters who purchase their Ideal video will be given a free Idea NFT.

To qualify for the Final, contestants (with a minimum of 2,000 votes) must rank top twenty in votes. In the event of a tie, the contestant who achieves the vote count earlier in time shall prevail. In addition to the top twenty contestants (with a minimum of 2,000 votes), MA will, through a lucky draw,  select at random 5 Semi-Finalists with at least 2,000 votes to take part in the Finals. The draw is done @12pm on 10 Aug 2023, and the results will be announced on the Millionaireasia website and through email. Successful contestants are required to submit their profile photo and a 3-min Value video to Millionaireasia within the next 24 hours. In addition, the contestants and voters are entitled to take part in the lucky draw prize (the prize money will be announced before the start of Semi-Final) on @12.15pm on 10 Aug 2023. The results will be published on the website within 24 hours.


The Final, from 11 Aug to 28 Sep 2023, is the stage for propagating their Value proposition and endorsing EMPOWERING WOMEN to their FFFs through a 3-minute video. They will be hosted to a week of Millionaire’s lifestyle program. All finalists must arrive in Singapore by 22 Sep 2023. They will receive reimbursement for their air ticket (up to S$500). The Voters who purchase their Value video will be given free Value NFT. In addition, the contestants and voters are entitled to take part in the lucky draw prize (the prize money will be announced before the start of Final) at the Grand celebration on 01 Oct 2023. The results will be published on the website within 24 hours.

On 22 Sep 2023, a host of pleasant surprises await the contestants. Finalists will live the life of millionaires for a week, during which they will enjoy the luxury of being pampered and geared up for the final competition. They will be chauffeured by luxury cars (such as the Rolls Royce or Bentley) or super cars (such as Ferrari or Lamborghini) from the airport to their hotel for an extravagant one-week stay in Singapore.

On 23 Sep 2023, the finalists will be invited to a welcome lunch with the CEO of Millionaireasia. In the evening, they will enjoy a cruise dinner in a super yacht with the event’s sponsors, honorary ambassadors, mentors and invited VIPs, in tuxedos and evening gowns. Contestants will have an opportunity to network, learn, share and grow with the UHNWIs and HNWIs.

On 24 Sep 2023, the finalists will be introduced to their mentor(s), and will meet them for personalised coaching sessions. On 25 July 2023, Millionaireasia will host the sponsors, mentors and the finalists to a Michelin-Star fine dining experience. On 26 Sep 2023, Millionaireasia will organise the “Meet & Greet” session for voters to meet the finalists.

On 27 Sep 2023, Millionaireasia will invite sponsors, honorary ambassadors, mentors and prominent personalities across Asia to grace the Grand Dinner. At the event, the finalists will be given the opportunity to promote their Value proposition and advocate women empowerment through a 1-minute power speech (coached by their mentors). The audience and their FFFs will be given the final endorsement and support for the finalists by 2359 hours 28 Sep 2023. In the event of a tie, the contestant who achieves the vote count earlier in time shall prevail.

The hype does not stop here. All Finalists are invited to the Grand Celebration on 1 Oct 2023, by MA’s private charter flight (those with at least 3,000 votes) or commercial flight (those with less than 3,000 votes) with accommodations (30 Sep 2023 to 2 Oct 2023) at Phuket. In addition, they may be invited for the main casts of the MsMA 2023 movies. On 1 Oct 2023, at the Grand Celebration, Millionaireasia will announce the Champion, first and second runners-up (with a minimum of 3,000 votes) who will receive prizes worth Singapore Dollar $1 million (Singapore Dollar $200,000 cash prize plus Singapore Dollar $800,000 worth of an exclusive 10-month contract with Millionaireasia), S$50,000 and S$25,000 respectively. The sponsors are also invited to the party at Phuket to join in the celebrations.

Scan the QR code to sign up for MsMA 2023, or to be an introducer for the competition now!

Full details of the MsMillionaireasia 2023 competition are available here (

The official language for this competition is English. Any translation from English to any other languages is purely for reference only. If there is any dispute as to the interpretation of any term or clause in any document, the English version shall govern.

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