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Kelvin Dong is the chairman of Eureka International Group, the general manager of Meihua Group, the vice-chairman of the Australian Hebei Overseas Chinese Association of Commerce, and the Honorary Advisor of the Shanghainese Association of Australia Inc. Kelvin’s family business, Meihua Group, has a 42-year-long history in leather, Ready-to-Wear and shoemaking, and has since established long-term cooperative relations with international brands like UGG and Coach. In 2007, he established Eureka International Group (EIG) aimed to achieve good corporate citizenship and productive trajectory outcomes. This is through innovating and collaborating with like-minded businesses and people, and facing challenges of the new world order proactively. Since its inception, Eureka’s ethos of “paying it forward” stood to create value for all. Additionally, its corporate and social responsibility has given rise to a well-integrated comprehensive service platform of resources throughout the Asia-Pacific. Eureka is actively involved in real estate development and management, fund management, educational and immigration consulting, technology and venture capital services, agriculture and animal husbandry, import and export trade, cultural sectors and other diversified fields. Other than its headquarters in Singapore and corporate centre based in Melbourne, the Group also has offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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