Our Signature Events

Millionaireasia organises numerous exclusive events that are attended by our invitation-only HNW clientele. The Millionaire’s Summit, our signature event, has been held over 50 times across 9 countries in the region. An investment and wealth management seminar for HNWIs, The Millionaire’s Summit has become one of the most highly-anticipated events for investors. Our award-winning events include:

Millionaireasia Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit

The 2017 Millionaireasia Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit, was headlined by investment legend Jim Rogers and Former US Congressman Dennis Kucinich as keynote speakers, and saw close to 200 attendees from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, Belgium, Serbia, Africa, the USA, Canada and the UK. In 2018, the Summit was awarded the prestigious Media Publishers Association of Singapore (MPAS) “Conference/Exhibition of the Year” Gold Award.

Millionaireasia Private Aviation & Luxury Lifestyle Show

Another signature event is the award-winning Millionaireasia Private Aviation & Luxury Lifestyle Show, which has garnered the attention of local and overseas ultra-high net worth individuals. Featuring leading private aviation companies and luxury automobile, jewellery, fashion and lifestyle brands, this signature event has become a much-anticipated aviation and luxury lifestyle showcase held bi-annually in Singapore or Malaysia. In 2016, the 6th Private Aviation & Luxury Lifestyle Show was also awarded the MPAS ‘Exhibition of the Year’ Award.

Private Events

Apart from our signature events, Millionaireasia also hosts exclusive and curated private events that generate business leads from institutional, private equity and corporate or accredited HNWIs for property developers, high-end consumer brands and businesses at various growth stages – be it start-ups, mature businesses or even pre-IPO stage.

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