zhang quan 张铨


Master Zhang Quan, Phd. in History, National Taiwan Normal University. His research specializes in the development of chinese religion, metaphysics, geomancy and physiognomy. When he was studying in Taipei, he met a Buddhist master who guided him to enter the field of metaphysics. In recent times, many have embraced metaphysics, but this has led to an increase in superstitions and greed in this field. In this aspect, Master Zhang conducted research, in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, from the archival books in the library. He clarified and explained many debatable misconceptions and opinions. Master Zhang connect and communicate with many individuals in Europe, the US and APAC since 2008, providing deep and broad consultations that offered pertinent career advice and spiritual inspiration. He incorporated the new century philosophy into the current era and reinterpreted the truth of metaphysics and geomancy. He leads metaphysics fans to create a space of self-respect and rekindle their enthusiasm for life. At the same time, he propagates that hard work is able to change one’s fate, can bring good fortune, and evade bad luck. In this way, one would be able to improve the social status of their family or themselves. He believes that finding the right opportunity to change destiny and holding onto the “heaven-earth-people harmony” attitude is the best route towards an enriching and balanced life.

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