8 best professional men’s business hairstyles and haircuts

2 March 2022

By Dhiya Bisyarah

Take grooming cues from the bold, bald, and beautiful on what is suitable for the next boardroom meeting.

Renowned dramas like Peaky Blinders, Suits, Newsroom and House Of Cards have all made smart, dapper hairstyles trendy and covetable. With Netflix punching out more youthful and slice-of-life content, the modern gentleman has evolved to be more multi-dimensional than one would think. In short, a slicked back hairstyle is not the only way to look smart and professional. For starters, embrace the many (hairy) possibilities. It is still timely to try out these arrestingly charming hairstyles fit for the boardroom and the boardwalk afterwards. 

1) Long and wavy

Also known as the ‘oppa’ hairstyle – an endearing term for men – long, wavy hair is 2022’s most prominent trend to date. Soft, fluffy waves lightly dust the highs of eyebrows and eyelashes for a dreamy, relaxed feel. Tousled and textured, it requires minimal maintenance for a natural look. Apply a few drops of macadamia oil to the roots to stimulate hair growth as well as to keep the overall ‘do weightless and healthy.   

v fluffy
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2) Modern mullet

The 80’s are back – and so is the mullet. Lauded as one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles, the mullet has crept back into recent times. Recognised for its surprisingly flattering and laidback feel, the modern mullet is a softer outlook. The short front and sides naturally transition to a longer back. Embrace distinct layers to accentuate volume, or sleeker layered locks for a wearable look. Whether you choose the adventurous route or are more reserved, let the versatility of the modern mullet guide your style.

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3) A middle-part

Ladies have textured or curtain bangs and men now have the middle-part. Seen on celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and Brendan Fraser, men are sporting this casual hairstyle for all occasions. A fresh revival from the ‘curtain hair’ in the 80s, male leads in Korean dramas always look effortless with said cut.

Admittedly, as much as it sounds effortless, the look requires time, significant maintenance, and committing to a long fringe. It also sweeps the eyes and can look unruly as it grows. If so, wet the fringe, comb it forward and place some no-crease clips to hold the hair in place. Alternatively, a hairdryer and a round brush will let your fringe fall perfectly into place.

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4) Butch cut

If the list is getting too fancy and experimental, let’s dial it down a notch with a butch cut. Recognisable from afar, this is the quintessential haircut for athletes and fuss-free lads. Despite it being short and neat, the butch cut exudes manliness and a smoldering appeal. Chris Evans, Nick Jonas and Jesse Wiliams have all been spotted with this effortless hairstyle and is probably one of the many reasons they remain high on the list for always having great hair days.

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Credit: V Magazine
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5) Undercut

Every gentleman would know the undercut hairstyle: buzzed sides, a long top, and brushed back for a polished look. Undercuts are edgy and exude bad-boy appeal possibly because it was linked to motorcycles, leather jackets and a very iconic Johnny Depp in his portrayal of John Dillinger in American Gangster. A huge nod to John Travolta in Grease Lightning, the undercut is suitable for a range of hair types and textures. In order to keep hair slicked back and in place, a water-based pomade usually does the trick. More control, less grease!

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6) Man Bun

Despite the style appeal of the man bun, this hairstyle originates from a place of rich history. From a convenient hairstyle with the sole purpose to keep hair away from the face, it transitioned into an easy- to-recreate trend. This style was prominent through the ages: soldiers in China, sumo wrestlers and samurai warriors with the topknot in Japan, and finally nomadic tribes such as the Cossacks, Cumans, and Bulgars.

The man bun could end up a hit or miss. Gentlemen with longer hair may have a fuller man bun, whilst those with finer and shorter tresses could end up with a “nubbin”.

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7) Side part

The signs of a gentleman, albeit an exaggerated claim, lies in his ability to pull off a classic side part hairdo. Arguably, the side part is one of the safest yet stylish hairstyles out there. All that is needed is to make a side part, comb one side over and leave the rest on its own. Versatile and timeless, the side part flatters all lengths and textures. Whether it is frizzy or straight, this is a classic hairdo that would do more right than wrong. Apply some gel to achieve a wet-look finish or pomade to leave your hair matte. If all else fails (which is rare), refer to Gabriel Macht from Suits and Hyun Bin from Crash Landing On You to gain some pointers.

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8) Clean-shaven

The best part about a clean-shaven head is never having to worry about a bad hair day. Despite it being known as the lowest-maintenance hairstyle possible, shaving your head means being fully comfortable with the process and overall look. Similar to a shave, soothe your newly shaven-head with cold water to close the pores and firm up the skin. Afterwards, an alcohol-free, antiseptic post-shave product or a great balm for your scalp will soothe and prevent any potential irritation and burn. Opt for products with anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil or witch hazel.

As Damian from Mean Girls enthuses “that’s why (the) hair is so big, it’s full of secrets”, perhaps it is true that bald men are honest after all.

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