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1.              Who is the organizer of MsMA?

Millionaireasia has more than 15 years of experience in the publication of magazines covering influential, prominent and high net worth individuals, including businesses, their philosophies, values and success factors.


2.             What is the theme of MsMA 2023?

The theme of the event is “Empower Women”


3.             What is the Slogan of MsMA 2023

Women for [A1] women, Asian for Asia.

4.             How can I enter the MsMA 2023 Web3 Influencer Competition?

You may apply if you are a female (based on official national identification), single or married, above the age of 18, residing in Asia. Application fee is Singapore Dollar $100 and you can pay via the Millionaireasia website by 14 March 2023. As part of the application, MA will verify your identity on its platform and you will be required to submit one profile picture and one minute video, featuring your personality.


5.             Will the registration date be extended?

Subject to Millionaireasia’s discretion, the registration date may be extended.


6.             When are the competition dates?

a.              Phase 1: Application                        (14 February 2023 to 14 March 2023)

b.              Phase 2: Quarter Final                    (15 March 2023 to 21 May 2023)

c.              Phase 3: Semi Final                         (24 May 2023 to 9 July 2023)

d.             Phase 4: Final                                   (11 July 2023 to 28 July 2023)


The dates are subject to change, depending on conditions that MA consider at the relevant time to be in the best interests of the contestants and competition. MA will provide advance notice of any changes.

7.              What does the reference to Web 3.0 in the competition mean?

The competition incorporates elements of Web 3.0 technology, such as free NFTs for Personality, Idea and Value videos. All sales represent a “vote” each, are tied to the NFTs respectively, which is an open platform in the blockchain for accountability and transparency in the voting system. In addition, supporters and voters (through their purchasers) for the contestants will get their respective free digital assets such as Personality, Idea and Value NFT.


8.             I am not familiar with Web3.0, can I participate in this competition?

Yes, the competition does not require any skillset or knowledge in Web3.0. This competition uses the concept of Web3.0 to ensure a fair and transparent competition.


9.             What does the reference to Influencer in the competition mean?

An influencer, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, means one who exerts influencea person who inspires or guides the actions of others. An influencer marketer is someone who promotes and markets brands (products or services) to their families, friends and followers (FFF).


10.          Do I need to be an influencer to participate in this competition?

No, it is also open for all ladies.


11.           What does MsMillionaireasia (MsMA 2023) Web3.0 Influencer in the competition mean?

A female, age above 18, using her influential power to persuade her FFFs to purchase products (Personality, Idea or Value videos). 

12.           Who should join MsMA 2023?

Ladies who advocate Empowering Women and believe that they possess the influential power should participate in the competition, to validate their capabilities, by riding the waves and knocking out other contestants, to emerge as the Champion of MsMA 2023. She can be an influential leader in the field of faith, associations, clubs, businesses, sales, councils, philanthropy, focused groups, public speakers, movements, social media and etc.

13.           How are MsMA 2023 Web3.0 Influencers different from social media (SM) influencers.

SM Influencers are generally rated by # of followers, likes and perhaps impressions. These may be subjective and are not tangible. The Champion of MsMA is measured by her ability to garner votes through the promotion of Personality, Idea and Value videos. It is tangible and measurable in open blockchain platform.

14.           What are the main motives for me to join MsMA?

There are several possible motivations for the contestants, besides the Singapore Dollar $1 million prize, to participate in MsMA 2023. Through the FoMo platform, they will be given the opportunity to access Millionaireasia’s wide network. As it is always said, “your network is your net worth”. In addition, contestants are able to pitch their personality, idea and value to prominent personalities, successful businessmen and businesswomen, through Millionaireasia’s 40,000 strong database of UHNWIs and HNWIs. In such circumstance, they can create awareness for their ideas. They will be coached by experienced entrepreneurs to solidify their thoughts on the value to gain more acceptance in Asia. In addition, the Finalists will be invited to enjoy a millionaire’s lifestyle for a week, including super car, luxury cruise, Michelin-star dining.

15.           What does access to Millionaireasia’s network mean to me?

As it is always said, your network is your net worth. Being in the network of millionaires indirectly enhances your net worth. Start today.


16.           What does reaching-out to the Millionaireasia data base mean to me? According to Wikipedia, six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other. As a result, a chain of “friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. Reaching out to Millionaires and mingling with them brings you closer to becoming a millionaire.


17.           How do I benefit from this competition as a contestant?

There are 3 main benefits of participating in this competition:

a.          You will be able to leverage MA’s network and the competition platform to empower yourself and others around you.

b.          As a contestant, you will receive 20% commission (net of any transaction costs) for your sales of personality video. It will be paid within 30 days from the end of quarter final of the competition, according to the terms and conditions.

c.           You benefit from your participation as contestants will be given a free NFT at each stage:

                                    i. Quarter Final. One-year subscription FoMo Silver membership (worth Singapore Dollar $500).

                                  ii.Semi Final. Neuro Activator Soundwave (worth Singapore Dollar $350)

                                iii.Final. Youthlocked 100 (worth Singapore Dollar $500).

d.          They can register as an introducer and earn an income for introduction of participants or sales of personality videos for the competition, as well as passive income.


18.          What is the FoMo membership?

The FoMo membership is probably the only social chat group that verifies the identity of its members. In a world of social media, most people do not know the identity of the person they chat with. In the FoMo platform, members’ identities and profile photos are verified. This provides a safe environment to communicate, learn, share and grow.


19.           Do the videos (Personality, Idea and Value) created by MA for the competition belong to me?

No, all intellectual property rights belong to MA, under the terms and conditions.


20.          Does MA help to publicise my videos?

Yes, through MA website, FoMo platform, traditional media, new media and social media. Most importantly, MA uses a network effect to promote you and your video’s visibility when you participate in this competition


21.           What is the network effect?

The network effect is created through the use of Introducer scheme which amplifies the number of impressions for Sponsors of MsMA 2023 and the contestants to millions of people across Asia. All contestants & supporters are given a “link” to invite their female family friends & followers (FFF) to participate in this competition. For any introduced contestant who takes part in the competition by clicking the link, the introducer will receive 10% introduction fees from her signing up, including all personality videos sold by her during the competition.


22.          Can anyone be an introducer?

Only individuals who are above the age of 18 or company may be an introducer. You do NOT need to be a participant or voter to be an introducer. Simply sign up through the link



23.          Why would my supporters vote for me?

According to Peter Tan, the three laws of transactions provides that a transaction is most likely to occur when the counter party likes you, owes you or will benefit from you. Your supporters generally fall into 3 categories

a.  They like you.

b.  They have owed you a favour.

c.   They benefit from their purchase. They will be given a free one-year subscription for FoMo Silver membership (for Personality video)or a free MA membership NFT (for Idea video) or a free ticket to the Grand Finale (for Value video).


24.          What is the maximum number of votes I can get from each supporter?

No Limit.


25.          Can I vote for myself as a contestant?

No. If you purchase your video or the membership, it will not count as a vote.


26.          Why are men not allowed to participate in MsMA 2023?

There may be a competition for MrMillionaireasia 2023 in Jul 2023. Currently, we focus on empowering woman, especially in their ability to influence.

27.          Is MsMA 2023 a pageant show?

ABSOLUTELY No! It is a Web 3.0 influencer competition for ladies of ages above 18.

28.          Is this competition for amateur?

You may think that you are nobody and you can never win in this competition. Every one of us starts out as a nobody and becomes somebody. According to Peter Tan, one of the 3 Achilles heels of success is FEAR. And the antidote is Bravery. You must have the courage to step out today!


29.          If I am not an Asian by ethnicity but residing in Asia, can I participate in this competition?



30.          I am working full time now. Can I participate in the competition?

Yes. Depending on your work commitments, you may have to seek special arrangements in order to meet the schedule of the competition. If you become the Champion, depending on your commitments, you may need to make arrangements in order to perform your full-time obligations under the contract offered by MA (should you choose to accept and enter into it).


31.           I am a student. Can I participate in the competition?

Yes, you are welcome to participate.


32.          Is there an early bird registration discount?



33.          If I do not enter the semi-final or final phases, can I get a refund of my registration fee?



34.          What is the number of contestants from each country?

There is no limit to the number of contestants from any country


35.          Do I have to travel to Singapore immediately to take part in the competition after I apply?

You will only need to attend in-person in Singapore for the finals and arrive by 22 Jul 2023. You may choose to participate in the quarter-finals and semi-finals (as applicable) wherever outside of Singapore you may be residing in.


36.          How many contestants will compete in MsMA 2023?

All successful applicants will participate in the quarter-final phase. Contestants with a minimum of 100 votes will proceed to the semi-final phase. The top 20 from the semi-final (with a minimum of 200 votes) will proceed to the final phase. In addition to the top 20 contestants (with a minimum of 200 votes), MA will also select at random 5 Semi-Finalists (with a minimum of 200 votes) to take part in the Finals. Full details of this draw will be published on MA’s website at a later date.

37.          When can I start marketing my personality video (for the quarter final phase)

As soon as Millionaireasia approved your application and send you an email, you may start promoting your personality video. You do not need to wait till the start date of quarter final.


38.          What if I cannot get my travel visa to go to Singapore for the Finals?

If applicable, MA will send to you a letter of invitation which you may use to apply for travel visa. MA does not guarantee that you will be able to obtain your travel visa. If you fail to be in Singapore to attend the finals in-person, you will unfortunately be disqualified.


39.          What are the event protocols concerning covid-19?

The event will be conducted in accordance with the prevailing rules and guidelines.



40.          Will there be a chance that MA cancel the MsMA competition?

MA reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time. However, it is not likely to do so. There are 2 situations in which the competition may be cancelled.

a.  When Covid-19 or similar health alerts that is beyond MA’s control makes it impossible for the competition to continue.

b.  When there are less than 100 contestants entering the semi-finals.


41.           When I am the Champion of MsMA 2023, does this mean I have to reside in Singapore during the contract terms?

No. You may perform your obligations under the services agreement from outside of Singapore. However, you must not be engaged in any full-time employment.


42.          What makes up the prize money of Singapore $1 million?

It comes with a $200,000 cash prize and a 10-month exclusive contract of $800,000 with MA. Terms & Conditions apply:


43.          Do I have to submit the video in my application in English only?

Not necessary, you can speak in your native language.


44.          How can I reach out to the organiser?

You can email us or go through any of the social media chat (WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao, Line)


45.          Will MsMA 2023 Competition be televised?

Maybe, this has not been confirmed.


46.          Does the competition have anything to do with cryptocurrencies?



47.          Are body tattoos allowed?

Yes, it has nothing to do with the competition. It is not a pageant.


48.          Are there unspoken rules?

No, all rules are in the terms and conditions.


49.          Who are the Mentors in the program?

MA seek to invite mentors for the competition. Their profile will be updated in the website.


50.          How does the contestants compete for MsMA 2023?

The qualifying criteria for each phase are in the Terms and Conditions of the application form:

B.  Voters


46.          How much does the Personality, Idea & Value video cost?

Each sale will represent a vote. For each sale, the purchaser will also get an equivalent free NFT. The price for each video is Singapore Dollar $100, Singapore Dollar $200 and Singapore Dollar $300 respectively.


47.          How do I buy the videos and membership?

Simply click on the link provided by the contestant and pay through credit or debit card.


48.          Are there any additional fees involved for the purchase of the videos?

No, all prices are as stated.


49.          How many votes can I cast at most?

No limit.


50.          Can I vote for different contestants?

Yes, of course.


51.           Can I visit Singapore and meet the applicants?

If the applicant decides to meet you, it would be fine. This is not under the jurisdiction of MA.


52.          Why can’t I transfer the free NFT to other platforms?

You can transfer the NFT out of the platform, after the competition. This is to facilitate MA’s counting of votes for the purposes of the competition.

53.          When the applicants that I vote for enter the semi-final or final phases, what benefits do I have?

There is no benefit extended to you. But I am sure you will be happy for the contestant whom you have voted for.



C.            Marketing Partner or Introducer


55.          How can I collaborate with Millionaireasia for MsMA 2023?

You can be our marketing partner or introducer. For more details, refer to the standard letter sent to influencer company


56.          What if I cannot commit to bringing in 1,000 applicants? What will my marketing budget be?

Budgeting arrangements may be discussed with MA. Generally, for every 100 applicants, we can provide you a budget of $10,000.


57.          Are there any other collaboration options if I am not able to commit to the available options?

The best and most efficient way is to be our introducer.


58.          Sample Illustrations of the Commission Structure for Introducer

59.          If I want to be an introducer, do I need to fill up the introducer request form?

Just click “Yes” in the platform

60.          Can the application fee of Singapore Dollar $100 be waived for the applicants whom I bring in to sign up for MsMA 2023?



Full details of the MsMillionaireasia 2023 competition are available here (

The official language for this competition is English.


Any translation from English to any other languages is purely for reference only. If there is any dispute as to the interpretation of any term or clause in any document, the English version shall govern.


*Women for women

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