Ode to Art hosts an exhibition of animal-inspired art pieces by South Korean artist Lee Sangsoo

By Dhiya Bisyarah

Sangsoo creates striking animal art sculptures only possible with imagination.

When it comes to owning pets, this latest collection by Korean artist Lee Sangsoo gives you the thrill and excitement – without the allergies. Inspired by Picasso’s small and abstract animal drawings, Lee’s series of works includes a playful and mesmerising collection of animal sculptures that would easily spruce up any area of the home.

Lee skilfully and resourcefully bends, twists and coils resin or stainless steel to mimic both subtle and large movements of animals. Combined with clever and quirky colour palettes, art enthusiasts can now marvel at stretching Siamese cats, majestic reindeers, elegant poodles and bright macaws. Each sculpture embodies the personality and shape of the animals perfectly; elegant yet simple, abstract yet playful.

Take a gander at these purchasable art pieces at Ode to Art, a contemporary art gallery that represents over 80 esteemed local and international artists.

Stretching Siamese Cat
A stretching Siamese cat.
A majestic reindeer.
An elegant poodle bathed in Paddle Pop colours
Perched Macaw
A vibrant macaw.
Cat with a Ball
A cat playing with a ball.

Photography: Ode To Art

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