Millionaireasia’s voucher platform: Book your holiday at The Datai Langkawi, charter a yacht, and more

By Alfieyah Abdullah

Our very own voucher platform offers more than just lifestyle needs; access property and blockchain seminars and enjoy refined culinary experiences.

Christmas might have come and gone, but the act of gifting shouldn’t be limited to just festive shenanigans. With Millionaireasia’s voucher platform, access to exclusive products and bespoke experiences is simply a click away. In essence, it’s a platform that bridges you to travel, dining and educational experiences exclusively offered by Millionairesia, or simply a channel for you to learn the Millionaireasia community better.


Millionaireasia has partnered with several luxury revered hotels in the region to offer exclusive travel experiences via its voucher platform. Escape the humdrum of city life at Pimalai Resort and Spa, situated just minutes away from the Andaman Sea, or enjoy a few days of peace in a villa nestled amist tropical rainforests and vegetation (case in point: The Datai Langkawi). If you’re travelling in a big group, you might want to consider Bali’s capacious Villa Avalon in Canggu, which comes complete with a private pool.

Local experiences

Those who still prefer to hang around in the city can opt for a yacht experience with The Yacht Club – perfect for ushering in the New Year with friends or a romantic evening with your significant other. Meanwhile, motor enthusiasts might want to give the Singapore Sidecar Kampong Glam Tour a go, an experience that will acquaint participants with Singapore’s key historical areas.

Wine and dine

Millionaireasia’s dining voucher options offer a quick, delicious respite away from work. Celebrate special occasions with an indulgent omakase experience at Rakuya or an eight-course dinner at Alma by Juan Amador. The latter is also serving up a five-course lunch with champagne – perfect setting for clinching business deals, we reckon. Food enthusiasts can also join The St. Regis Singapore’s prestigious Supper Club, a community of discerning gourmands who curate refined dining experiences.

A value-added mind

More than just travel- and gastronomy-related experiences, the voucher platform also offers a myriad of business courses and seminars held over the course of a year. Meddle the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain with the Business Excellence Course, or for a more in-depth session, an on-the-job practical programme focused on Business Valuation is also available for S$4800.

Join the Millionaireasia Club

If you’re keen to get to know the Millionaireasia community better and take a deeper glimpse of our events, be part of the Millionaireasia Club Esteem Membership, available now exclusively for S$2800. The membership guides fresh entrepreneurs to venture, explore, and experience the path to build wealth, and eventually, a high-net-worth lifestyle. Alternatively, participate in our Matched Investment Xchange (MIX) programme and share ideas about new ventures, aside to learning the upsides and pitfalls in running a business.

For a more niche offering, Millionaireasia Club Prestige Membership assists aspiring millionaires through the Learn, Access, and Network (LAN) method, which teaches the importance of revenue building. Those interested in networking with like-minded individuals will be able to do so with this membership.

Both membership tiers come complete with a host of lifestyle and business privileges, from culinary and education to consultancy offerings. But of course, the list doesn’t stop there.  Choose from a selection of Millionaireasia membership programmes here, or simply sign up for an annual subscription of Millionaireasia’s quarterly magazine for the latest in business and luxury.

Visit Millionaireasia’s voucher platform here.

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