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Established in 2005, Millionaireasia is a strong, recognisable and trusted brand name trademarked in 18 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and China. We serve as a bridge connecting well-heeled individuals to brands, across both public and private sectors. Millionaireasia, with a growing database of 80,000 and a readership of 20,000, has a strong network of affluent contacts around the region who enjoys the finer things in life.


We curate, invite and welcome honorary members to provide advice on how to grow our business and serve our members better. They come from different walks of life including respectable dignitaries, Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNWIs), digital assets experts, country representatives, Asia CEO network, and spiritual masters. Link to Honorary Members:


With 60 publications over the last 16 years, we have amassed an impressive list of Cover Page personalities. We will continue to feature prominent enterprises and individuals in our forthcoming issues. Link to Who’s Who:

  1. With the strong HNWIs network, we are thrilled to introduce the Friends of Millionaireasia Only (FOMO) platform. We seek to work with vendors with strong brands to offer exclusive privileges to our friends. These brands will be exposed to our database and readership, while allowing our friends to appreciate the valuable benefits from their offers. Link to FOMO:
  2. Another unique initiative is the overseas mission trips where we organise visits, trade shows and roadshows to countries in Asia, to bridge the networks between businesses and HWNIs with government officials and projects. Link to Overseas Mission Trips:

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