A. Social media

Phase 1 (Quarter Final)

1. Develop a habit to discuss and talk about issues relating to women empowering on a daily issue, at least once, in your social media.

2. Share issues relating to the attached questions and create a reputation for “concerns about society”.

Tip: How to Create a Story >>

3. Once in 3-4 days, bring the issues of MsMA for discussion. Help your audience know that you are concern about Women and they should support you.

a. Women for woman (you), it is likened that of “like for like”
b. Men for woman (you). Successful men want to see their woman friends become more successful. They want to support their ambition.
c. You get the support of both genders.

4. Encourage your followers to share your views and post.

5. Vocalise your desire to win, to speak for women, to be ambassador for women movement, to be brand ambassador for sustainable business, to be in the fashion industry, to be a movies star.

6. Post issues to demonstrate both your gentle side of woman, as well as self-confidence (alternatively).

7. Make short video in English (if possible: with thai sub-title) on tik tok and various social media platform.

8. Create social media community on whatsapp and telegram (be cautious, there are lots of scammers in these groups)

9. Share video content readily available in www.millionaireasia.com & millionaire.sg (Instagram)


Phase 2 (Semi Final)

10. Create and join woman support group to “embrace and empower” each other.

11. Create and join focus group that people of similar liking to come together to support each others: “people like people who are like themselves and people like people who likes what they do”.

12. Engage full time staff, round the clock to search for content to post in the support and focus group, on a daily basis.

13. Rally support for your mission “to empower women”.


Phase 3 (Final)

14. Create and join marketing groups to link interest groups together. People will support people of the same interest groups.

15. Engage full-time staff, round the clock, to link marketing groups together, on a daily basis.

16. Rally for support for your vision “to empower women”. Tell them what you will do if you are the Winer.


B. Personal Development

1. Must listen, speak and read (books, news, magazines and etc) which discusses about women empowerment, economics and finance.

2. Must have a habit to converse about these issues regularly in your social setting.

3. Personal grooming and youth rejuvenation are important assets.


C. Networking

1. In networking, it is important that who know you and who you know? Leverage on the prominent and successful people who you are associated with.

2. You want the online world and the offline world to know you.

a. Online supporters are willing to give you SGD$10 to vote for you. You need many of them.
b. Offline supporters are prepared to part of thousands of dollars to see you succeed. You need some of them.

3. Networking is about creating an impact. Remember you give your best first impression. For women, beauty is not the most important. It is ELEGANCE.


D. Sales Skill

1. Learn and acquire the best sales skills, through free MsMA training by Peter Tan
2. Learn to tell stories. People do not remember what you say unless you create an impact on their memory system.
3. Practice makes perfect (your limitation).
a. Learn not only to sell products and services (Salesman).
b. Learn to sell ideas, concepts and philosophies (Propaganda).
4. Learn the art of genuine smile.


E. Mindset

1. You must always know why you want to get “something”?
2. You must do whatever it takes to get it (legally and ethically).
3. Remember, “nothing is free in this world”. You get something, you must give up something. You CANNOT have the best of both worlds.
4. Learn to stay positive. It is never how many times you fail, but how many times you pick up yourself and try again.
5. Never give up!

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