Youthlocked Pte Ltd specializes in anti-ageing products, for mindfulness, wellness and rejuvenation, and we are seeking suitable candidates to represent our Brand in Asia.

We are appointing an Asia Brand Ambassador and 4 local Brand Ambassadors for the countries which we have recently launched our products in, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Youthlocked invites all women above the age of 30, to sign up as a Brand Ambassador, by submitting the application form here.

1. Requirements
  • Strong social media presence in Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok.Ability to engage, connect and adapt to Asia diversity.
  • Passionate about promoting Youthlocked products.
  • Have knowledge about Youthlocked and the products.
  • Excellent communication skills: Ambassadors need to communicate effectively,
    both in writing and verbally – to convey anti-ageing messages and values to our
    audience and potential customers.
  • Personal Charisma: Likely to be in her 30’s and able to connect with the target
    market (above 30 for women and above 40 for men) by sharing her lifestyle,
    personality and interests.
  • Alignment: Personal lifestyle and social media content must be in alignment with
    healthy lifestyle and anti-ageing. Posting of late night-life or smoking are prohibited.
2. Responsibilities
  • Represents Youthlocked with professionalism and integrity (without conflict of
  • Provides feedback on market trends and customer’s “needs and wants” to Youthlocked.
3. Social Media Post
  • Minimum of 2 posts (Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok) per week for a period of 12 months on Youthlocked’s products.
4. Photos & Videos
  • Different high-resolution photos of individuals or with Youthlocked’s products.
5. International and Local Ambassadors




Media launch

Travel across Asia

Be present

Publicity Launch

Travel across Asia

Max of 2 travel/year


3 years

3 years

Exclusivity (Health & Wellness)




Asian (preferably Thai)


Rights of Video/Images

10 years

5 years





1% sales across Asia

0.5% local sales

6. Others
  • All incident costs or expenses for the production of images shall be borne by Youthlocked.
  • All terms and conditions are subjected to contract.

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