Peter Tan CEO Millionaireasia
Profile of CEO (Asia Pacific)

Peter Tan is a multifaceted individual with a diplomatic, academic, metaphysical, business and philanthropic profile. He has held various positions and earned several degrees from prestigious institutions, such as Harvard Business School, Tsing Hua University, China-Europe International Business School, National University of Singapore (Hons), Nanyang Technological University (MBA), and Cranfield University (Msc). He is one of the first certified Financial Planner in Singapore.

Peter Tan is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer and has expertise in various metaphysical and energy disciplines, including numerology, sound and music therapy, understanding of crystals healing, palmistry, face reading, fengshui and purple star astrology. He published a total of 25 books including The Legacy of PTO, 21 Century Entrepreneurship and True East. Moreover, he produced 250 educational videos on sales methodologies, millionaire mindsets and mindfulness on YouTube.

In his philanthropic endeavours, Peter Tan has provided significant financial assistance to Singaporean undergraduates through a $1 million endowment with Singapore Management University and commissioned a school within Singapore Changi Prison for offenders to learn basic skills in logistic management in ITE qualification. Furthermore, he contributed to various projects, including film production, management consultancy and business development.

Peter Tan is the Chairman of PTO Holdings, a conglomerate of multi-industry businesses, aiming to support and create Series A seeding funds for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a mission to generate consistent and sustainable returns from investments, the group was awarded the Unicorn Award at CNBC’s 16th Asian Business Leaders Awards in 2017. Associate and invested companies include IAPPS Pte Ltd, Eunogo (Korea), Rebel (USA), and Singapore Institute of Advance Medical among others.

Formerly an insurance iconic personality, he managed the highly successful insurance organisation (comprising various group agencies) from 1997 to 2016, growing from 70 to over 500 positive individuals. As a consultant from 2016 to 2020, the financial advisory firm number grew to nearly 1,000 empowering advisers. He was the brand and rainmaker in the insurance industry before he left the industry in 2020.

From 2021 to 2023, Peter Tan is appointed as Chief Executive Officer (Asia Pacific) of Millionaireasia Pte Ltd (MA). The Company’s vision is to be the leading multi-channel platform for access to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). MA aims to create opportunities for HNWIs to give, invest and enjoy in Asia. Millionaireasia has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Al Zaman Group of Companies, Oman, on 7 areas of interests: high-net-worth membership, bespoke events, royal education franchise, health and wellness, perfume (Asia market), movies and music festivals. Under his leadership, MA organised the first inaugural Ms Millionaireasia (MsMA 2023) Competition to empower women, which has launched across 7 ASEAN countries.


As part of his devotion and love to his mother, in 2014, Peter Tan invested $1 million in the local movie scene under PTO Movies Pte Ltd. The motivation behind this project exemplifies his ideology of Filial Piety to Singaporeans, especially for the younger generation. The movie’s title is “Filial Piety”.


In addition, Peter Tan provided financial assistance to full- time Singaporean undergraduates from the School of Economics, SMU. “I believe the act of giving is driven up by love and compassion. When I wake up every morning, I want to make a difference and do something beneficial to the people around me. I am proud to be associated with SMU, and its vision to groom students into confident, dynamic and socially conscious young individuals. To me, no one should be denied an education due to financial difficulties. I trust that these bursary recipients will be inspired to contribute back to the society,” commented Peter Tan.


Apart from those aforementioned, as a Certified Management Consultant, Peter Tan provided consultancy advice to CoolTouch (Shanghai) Intelligent Lighting from June 2019 to October 2021. He played a crucial role to create distribution channels through property developers. The company managed to double their revenue before Covid-19 hit. The next challenge was to expand the market size to potential distributors across South-East Asia. In the area of merger and acquisition, he provided guidance to Eunogo (Korea) from June 2018 to October 2022. His role as a consultant was to share business insights, mentorship and business network to successfully grow a start-up. Besides advising on the restructuring on core competencies and expense methodologies, he also participated in the negotiation on acquisition with Carelabs in April 2019.


Peter Tan’s life motto is, “I live to inspire, and I inspire to live”.

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